Unleash Your Inner Horror Fan: Discover the Top 10 Evil Dead 2 Toys [Solve Your Collecting Woes]

Short answer: Evil Dead 2 toys

Evil Dead 2, a cult classic horror film from director Sam Raimi, has inspired various toy lines over the years. These include action figures of protagonist Ash Williams and villainous Deadites, as well as prop replicas such as Ash’s chainsaw hand and Necronomicon book. Fans of the franchise can collect and display these gruesome items in their homes or offices.

How to Collect Evil Dead 2 Toys: Tips and Tricks

As a fan of horror movies, you’re probably familiar with the cult classic film, Evil Dead 2. It’s an iconic movie that has made waves in pop culture over the years and has spawned merchandise of all sorts. One type of merchandise that fans absolutely love is toys based on the movie. If you want to join in on the fun, here are some tips and tricks for collecting Evil Dead 2 toys.

1. Know what you’re looking for

The first thing you need to know when starting your collection is which toys exist. The most popular action figures include Ash Williams (the main character), Henrietta (Ash’s possessed girlfriend), and Deadite Scout (a zombified Boy Scout). Other options include puzzles, board games, and even bobbleheads.

2. Set a budget

Once you have identified what kind of toy or collection you would like to look at next from this section keep it mind about how much do we need to spend? Depending upon our pockets set up our limit then start thinking further. This might not be necessary but it’s good if considered before buying any expensive stuff as investment later on.

3. Check online marketplaces

One great way to find Evil Dead 2 toys is by checking out online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon where several sellers could sell them in various aspects including new or used conditions at competitive prices.

4. Attend comic book conventions/flea markets

If browsing online isn’t your style there are many brick-and-mortar events around town such as comic book conventions/flea markets where these collectibles can also show up sometimes making them more accessible physically through word-of-mouth within specific fandom communities worldwide nearby likely collectors & retailers who indulge themselves with gathered merchandises generated through retailing channels outside popular e-commerce stores over time often scattered unreliably elsewhere unavailable than usual sources eventually increasing their value worthiness overall.

5. Network with other collectors

Another great way to stay on top of new releases and where they can be bought is by networking with other Evil Dead 2 collectors which could help you get in touch with various communities or groups circulated over different platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Instagram etc that are able to keep their fellow fans updated & informed without any hassles about what’s coming soon within ideal price ranges than others might not have seen before.

6. Keep it organized

Now that you’ve started collecting, keeping track of your toys should be a priority so as to avoid losing items or forgetting what we had earlier making the search easier whenever we want something specific adding increments down our lists if necessary when already checked off wherein some valueable collectibles require high maintenance standards for longevity throughout time sustaining authenticity having storage racks made specifically for toy collections in homes / pop-up stores definitely helps maintain durability amongst growing one helping us manage displayed-for-sale arrangements beautifully besides preservation methods 😉

In conclusion:

Collecting Evil Dead 2 toys can be a fantastic hobby but requires patience while searching around mainly staying active online among respective fandoms regionally globally branching out investment-wise building relationships and connections actively (personally/professionally) all these factors combined directly affect individual’s personal growth&journey towards its purposeful long-awaited objectives through increased knowledge experience expertise gained shared teaching-each-other values gained from everyday conversations interactions alike.. above mentioned tips help convert this stunner habit into an art form eventually landing ourselves in bigger opportunities than imagined thus expanding inner circles outside 🙂

Step by Step Guide on How to Create Your Own Evil Dead 2 Toy

As an avid toy collector, there’s nothing quite like having a unique and rare piece in your collection. And what better way to achieve that than by creating your very own Evil Dead 2 toy? Not only does it allow for full creative control over the design and execution, but also gives you bragging rights among fellow collectors.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the step-by-step guide on how to create your own Evil Dead 2 toy:

1. Choose Your Character

The first step is to decide which character from Evil Dead 2 you want to recreate as a toy. From Ash Williams with his iconic chainsaw hand to possessed Henrietta or even the demon-infested cabin itself – there are plenty of options to choose from. Pick one that resonates most with you (or would look great in your collection) and move onto next step!

2. Collect Reference Images

Once you have chosen your character, collect reference images from every angle possible – front view, side view, back view etc – this will help understand and visually dissect all nuances of design required for making up accurate representation of chosen evil dead figure.

3. Sketch Initial Design

Next up sketch out initial designs using collected references either physically or through digital media software such as Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/SketchBook Pro etc keeping accuracy in mind while interpreting characteristics/features/details accurately!

4. Sculpture Modeling

Start sculpting! Use clay or putty depending upon preference & scope of work involved needed for completing targeted concept art followed by molding process before finalizing material choice…then execute manufacture plan!.

5.Production Process

With materials at our disposal now we can start production process by printing original model parts arranged according instructions given during mould creation time ensuring efficient workflow throughout entire production cycle so finished product looks exactly as intended; closely matching contrast details within same pattern characters already present cinematic universe bend toward sinister direction?!…

6.Painting Stage

Now its time for painting. Let’s bring the character or the cabin to life with colors, textures and that signature Evil Dead 2 aesthetic! Use spray paints or an airbrush if you have one to achieve a smooth, even finish on all surfaces .


To give your Evil Dead 2 toy even more personality, add in accessories like chainsaw arm attachment, miniatures of personal possessions as seen in movies , bloody tissues used by characters etc.


Finally, after all the hard work is over – proudly display your new creation somewhere special… where it can be viewed and appreciated.. show off that beautiful new piece painted black with red accents blended in perfectly just as we remember from cult classic horror franchise..

Congratulations! Now you have created something truly unique and special: Your very own Evil Dead 2 toy. And who knows? Maybe it will inspire other collectors out there to create their own custom pieces as well!

Frequently Asked Questions About Evil Dead 2 Toys

Evil Dead 2 is one of the most iconic horror movies in cinema history, and it has inspired a range of action figures, dolls, and toys over the years. As fans of Evil Dead 2 know all too well, there are few things more exciting than getting your hands on a great new toy that captures the macabre spirit and dark humor of this classic movie.

Of course, even seasoned collectors may have some questions about these toys, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions (with answers!) to help you navigate this creepy corner of the collectibles world.

1. What kinds of Evil Dead 2 toys are out there?

There’s quite a variety! You can find everything from detailed figurines based on specific characters (such as Ash Williams or Henrietta) to plush versions of Bruce Campbell’s chainsaw-wielding hero. There are also retro-style action figures based on scenes from the film itself, playsets featuring familiar locations like The Cabin In The Woods or Graveyard/Gates Of Hell; dolls capturing various demons/creatures; prop replicas – such as Ash’s severed hand with mounted chainsaw – for those yearning to own his signature tools! Truly an array for pretty much any collector level.

It should be noted though that due to graphic nature being portrayed by particular items many age restrictions come along with them which need attention while purchasing especially if they’re going into somebody’s collection who isn’t above specific ages limits set by licensors/companies producing said items

2. Where can I buy Evil Dead 2 toys?

Most major retailers will carry at least some Evil Dead merchandise if you look hard enough. Websites dedicated to pop culture memorabilia often stock plenty as well Amazon & eBay continue expanding their product base constantly containing almost every item under the sun now including rare unique trinkets found occasionally jammed between normal listings . Keep in mind It never hurts either looking into conventions nearby, reaching out to collectible shops and asking for a specific item they may have connections in tracking certain rare merchandise down & acquiring it.

3. What are some of the most sought-after Evil Dead 2 toys?

While this is highly subjective and depends on personal preferences collectors generally gravitate towards figures/dolls which encompass iconic scenes from the franchise or represent those classic characters with quality craftsmanship within reasonable price ranges.

A few examples that make top tier demands/incorporate fan favorite highlights would be NECA’s Ultimate Ash action figure, Jada Toys metal cast version of his car; Funko’s stylized Talking Ash Plush (spouts one-liners!), as well Mezco One:12 Collective’s (A little higher up in pricing due to their intricate detailing) diabolical “Dead By Dawn” outfit where each aspect carefully thought-out ensuring fans see/think about points relating back to even small details throughout the film.

4. Are there any rare or limited edition Evil Dead 2 toys?

There sure are! Some companies produce special edition runs only sold at conventions or through exclusivity agreements solely offered/rendered via particular retailers online outlets being amazon sears etc.. These can range significantly from fully manifested customized crafting projects made by dedicated fans embracing every inch of movie moments such as Sam Raimi themed Necronomicon ex mortis books because no official ones exist yet…!! In terms of licensed products though McFarlane toy line tends never shy away releasing various artist editions/repaints, color variation variations mainly Limited Edition BluRay Box Sets overall remain somewhat elusive delighting many happy new owners who manage grabbing these illusive exclusives based on thorough commitment & impeccable timing . For smaller high-quality replicas or clothing items boutique horror/memorabilia types stores like Halloweentown located in Burbank California has everything neatly organized making things easier if availability feels incredibly tough elsewhere!

5. Can I play with my Evil Dead 2 toys or are they just for keeping on display?

That depends on your preferences, of course! Fans who get these toys more as collectors items generally keep them in the package and safely stored away usually wanting to maintain their high-quality value/custom aesthetics. But let’s be honest here, there is something quite satisfying about recreating the thrilling battles between Ash & grotesque antagonists with our own hands (Considered “playing” by some). There certainly would indicate no harm done especially if bought based on someone’s intent to only enjoy playing visuals may take a dip but lasting memories created will never leave.

Ultimately, whether you’re an avid collector or simply want to indulge your love of Evil Dead 2 via a few well-made action figures, dolls or other specialty goodies – this series delivers delights that can remind us we needn’t always live in fear…but it does help when surrounded by amazing demon fighting props/dolls/etc…

Top 5 Facts About Evil Dead 2 Toys That Every Fan Should Know

As one of the most beloved cult horror films of all time, Evil Dead 2 has inspired a plethora of merchandise over the years. From posters to t-shirts, soundtracks to action figures, there’s no shortage of ways for fans to show their love for this iconic franchise. However, when it comes to Evil Dead 2 toys specifically, there are a few facts that every fan should know in order to fully appreciate these collectibles.

1. The First Evil Dead 2 Toys Were Released in 1999
Despite the film being released in 1987 and already having spawned a sequel (Army of Darkness), it wasn’t until twelve years later that we saw the first officially licensed line of Evil Dead 2 toys hit store shelves. Produced by Toycom Inc., these initial figures included Ash Williams with his chainsaw arm and shotgun, as well as Henrietta – the possessed aunt character who menaces our hero throughout much of the film.

While these figures were seen as something of a novelty at the time (especially given how long after the movie they were released), they would go on to become highly sought-after items amongst collectors due to their rarity and authenticity.

2. Many Of The Figures Are Highly Detailed & Articulated
One thing that sets many modern toy lines apart from those produced decades ago is their level of detail and articulation. When it comes to Evil Dead 2 toys however, even some of those earlier releases rival anything produced today!

The aforementioned Toycom Inc. Ash figure features multiple points-of-articulation including swivel hips and shoulders, ball-jointed necks and hinged elbows- providing unprecedented poseability compared with other horror-related action figures available around that same period.

3. They Often Come With Accessories And Interchangeable Parts
In addition to detailed sculpting and articulation capabilities visible from an immediate glance; what really adds another layer above other similar toy-lines often lies in all the accompanying accessories and additional interchangeable parts they offer.

For example, Ash Williams’ action figure typically offers a ton of extras. These might include: his iconic chainsaw arm and shotgun (complete with detachable strap); alternate hands for holding different items more securely; and sometimes versions featuring other costumes or distinctive facial expressions seen in Evil Dead 2 such as “Deadite form” complete with distorted makeup details that deviates from his visage’s typical appearance throughout most of the film.

4. They Have Been Made By Multiple Companies
While Toycom was responsible for producing what are arguably considered to be some of the best-known Evil Dead 2 toys, many other companies have taken their own approach over time too! From NECA’s top-quality renditions of both Ash & Henrietta being notable game-changers at apparent attention to detail combining durability quality sculpts, to Kenner making an amusing interpretation via Garbage Pail Kids-esque card-back packaging fun – there are numerous examples out there worth tracking down if you want an entire collection covering decades-worth variation in manufacturing methods alike.

5. The Range Of Evil Dead 2 Toys Available Is Vast
From Action figures and plush dolls inspired by our favorite characters beyond just “Ash,” across even oddball approaches like collectible playing cards – anyone looking to build a comprehensive statement-making range will never run short on options when it comes to acquiring them.

Interestingly enough though? It seems one area still largely overlooked so far has been LEGO-compatible sets representing locales or famous scenes from any level-setting milieu concerning this series overall – something which could prove worthwhile solely because horror fans tend toward cross-collaborative interests anyway.

So if you’re an Evil Dead 2 fan who wants to show off your love for this classic horror property or expanding into new nuanced variations honoring each series’ legacy over-time lapse evolution through toy interpretations themselves- make sure you take note of these facts next time you’re searching for merchandise!

The Best Places to Buy Authentic Evil Dead 2 Toys

Are you a die-hard fan of the Evil Dead 2 franchise? Do you want to add authentic toys and collectibles from your favorite horror movie series in your showcase? Well, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the best places where you can buy authentic Evil Dead 2 toys to satisfy that craving.

1) NECA Online Store – Known for producing top-quality action figures and collectibles, NECA has brought out some fantastic representations of Ash Williams from Evil Dead 2. You can find exclusive deluxe versions with props like chainsaws, boom sticks, and necronomicon throw blankets at their online store.

2) Sideshow Collectibles – If you’re looking for high-end figurines that embody luxury and detail then check out Sideshow’s portfolio. They have officially licensed one-of-a-kind depictions of both hero(es) protagonist; Ash as well menacing antagonists such as Ed Getley possessed by demons called Henrietta Knowby Hellboy set pieces!

3) Entertainment Earth – A perfect destination if you’re hunting scarce exclusives or limited edition variants of any toy brands (including Evil dead). They have an impressive collection including Funko Pop! vinyls Bobble-heads- featuring Bruce Campbell’s iconic “Groovy” one-liner lines along with Nightmare fuel Monster Arm reachy replicas.

4) Big Bad Toy Store: This online retail outlet serves up proudly independent options on their line-up at exceptional prices quality figures from vintage import rarities to modernized new items meant to remain evergreen trendsetters. Look for official indie artists Tom Sullivan behind the production designs which lent each character its beastly charm factor utilizing his unique technique still used today over three decades later release The Cabin In Woods (Joss Wheldon), Annabelle films among others too!

5) Amazon Marketplace: Everyone’s go-to e-commerce hub offers dozens upon hundreds different kinds dolls puppets relics kits statues busts marvels – some of which are rare or new on the market for any collector. You can find both generic and brand official options such as Ash vs Evil Dead graphic novels or Funko POP versions that you must get your hands-on.

6) Specialty Stores – Lastly, do not overlook local comic book stores or toy shops in your region. These independent establishments often sell exclusive promotional items available only within their vicinity – they invest to stock up on all thing entertainment memorabilia be it autographs, action-figures even snazzy t-shirts!

In conclusion, these six fantastic locations cater to every fan’s need who wants an authentic piece from the cult classic horror franchise Evil Dead 2 – so take a look around and let us know what amazing collectibles you managed to grab in the comments below!

More Than Just a Toy: The Legacy of Evil Dead 2 in Pop Culture

The Evil Dead franchise has become an iconic emblem of horror cinema over the years, with its legendary status cemented by its second instalment -The Evil Dead 2. This 1987 film not only added to the existing mythology of the series but also left a lasting impression on pop culture with its unique brand of comedy and gore.

One reason for the enduring popularity of The Evil Dead 2 is that it defied genre expectations at the time. Director Sam Raimi transitioned from straightforward horror into an amalgamated blend of humor, slapstick violence and raw terror. It’s due to this hybrid style that The Evil Dead 2 still resonates in current pop culture; captivating audiences with a balance between laughter and suspense.

Another element that ensured The Evil Dead 2 Endurance beyond just another slasher flick was its pioneering use of makeup effects. In collaboration with special effects artist Greg Nicotero (who later went onto work on other iconic projects such as “The Walking dead”), Raimi created some truly gruesome scenes- seeing Bruce Campbell fight his own severed hand still leaves people screaming out loud while enjoying every bit.

And let’s not forget about Bruce Campbell himself playing protagonist Ash Williams—the sarcastic antihero who evolves from fragile victim to confident weapons expert throughout the series’ run—Campbell embodied Ash’s character with unparalleled bravado giving rise to one liners like “Shop smart – shop S-Mart” becoming pop-culture catchphrases in their own right.

Beyond these factors mentioned, though, lies what makese “EvilDead” canonical: A dedication by those behind-the-scenes (including producers Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell)to crafting something exceptional within budgetary constraints that looked difficult.. What resulted exceeded all expectations venturing well past traditional notions surrounding horror samurai stood allegory encapsulated through fanged-tooth monsters rising above clay earthy graves!

In conclusion, despite releasing over three decades ago, The Evil Dead 2 remains an influential piece of horror that continues to shape pop culture’s perception regarding the marriage between humor and gore. While not necessarily for everyone’s tastes, its unique style has undoubtedly endured beyond simple nostalgia as evidenced by numerous references in shows like “Stranger Things” reboots of ”The Evil Dead”. That is why The legacy it leaves behind still impacts cinema making now more than ever before.

Table with useful data:

Toy Name Price Material Recommended Age
Evil Dead 2 Ash Pop! Vinyl Figure $10.99 Vinyl 17+
Evil Dead 2 Deadite Ash 7-Inch Action Figure $27.00 Plastic 18+
NECA Evil Dead 2 Ultimate Ash 7-Inch Scale Action Figure $29.99 Plastic 18+
Evil Dead 2 Henrietta 8-Inch Retro Figure $30.00 Plastic 18+
Evil Dead 2 ‘Dead by Dawn’ Board Game $39.99 Cardboard and plastic 14+

Information from an expert: As an expert in the field of horror movie collectibles, I can confidently say that the Evil Dead 2 toy line offers some of the most finely crafted and detailed figures on the market. From Ash’s iconic chainsaw arm to his trademark shotgun, each figurine is faithfully recreated with meticulous attention to detail. These toys are not only must-haves for fans of the classic cult film, but also exquisite pieces for any collector looking to add something truly unique and special to their collection.

Historical fact:

Evil Dead 2 toys were produced in the late 1980s by a company called Palisades Toys, and continue to be highly sought after by collectors today. The popularity of the film franchise has led to numerous merchandise releases over the years, but these early figures stand out as some of the most iconic among horror enthusiasts.

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