Unboxing the Latest McDonald’s Mario Toys 2021: A Story of Collectors’ Delight [Complete Guide with Stats and Tips]

What is McDonald’s Mario Toys 2021?

McDonald’s Mario Toys 2021 is a limited edition series of toys available at participating McDonald’s locations. These toys are based on characters from the popular Super Mario video game franchise and were released to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the original game’s release. The collection includes eight different figures, each with its unique design and features that fans of all ages can appreciate.

Step by Step Guide: How to collect all McDonald’s Mario Toys 2021

As a kid, collecting toys was one of the most exciting things to do. Whether it was Barbie dolls or Batman action figures, there’s always been something special about completing a set and having them all lined up on your shelf. Now, as adults we still enjoy this thrill – only with more sophisticated tastes.

This year (2021), McDonald’s has brought back its collaboration with Mario in honor of its 40th anniversary. The iconic fast-food restaurant chain is offering eight different Super Mario toys for customers to collect from their Happy Meals.

Are you curious how you can get all the toys? Well, here’s everything that you need to know!

Step One: Check out the McDonalds menu

First thing’s first – find out which Happy Meal toy is currently available at your nearest McDonald’s branch by checking their website or asking their staff initially before placing an order online or walk-in. It’ll save you some time and energy if they don’t have what you’re looking for!

Step Two: Determine when new toy releases take place

In general, new Happy Meal Toys are usually rolled out every week starting Thursday morning each week until supplies last — so mark your calendar accordingly because these babies sell like hotcakes!

Step Three: Multipurpose Your Trip

Heading over to grab lunch anytime soon? Don’t forget another strategic method – either bring family members of varying ages along or make multiple trips during the span of the campaign launch as well as try visiting branches where no local competition exists just yet.Sometimes visiting several locations can increase your chances because not everybody will be after every single character themselves.

Step Four: Use Social Media

We live in the age of social media — Yes! use Facebook groups or Twitter hashtags dedicated specifically around super fans exchanging intel on current mysteries surrounding getting hands-on who needs what characters/pages swapped etcetera instead going through eBay prices anyday.

Step Five: Trading Barter System Incentives

For fellow super-fans like ourselves, exchanging one toy for another (called trading) is an incentive of sorts. This makes it easier to complete sets and connect with other collectors as well.

If you can’t seem to find that elusive McDonald’s Mario Happy Meal Toy that completes your set, consider reaching out on Facebook groups or forums! Someone might have the one you’re missing and be willing to trade in good faith; after all building new relationships over shared interests is not something anybody should miss out on- plus keeps energy around aspirations flowing without burnout from fruitless hunts.

Step Six: Reach Out To Others

As mentioned above while connecting with others online, make sure you reach out politely asking if they’d be open to swapping characters a potential missed opportunity there isn’t any harm in trying.You never know what may come through by just being friendly – sometimes even making friends who appreciate such things leads us down unsought path towards happiness too!

In conclusion, collecting those exclusive Super Mario toys doesn’t have the same frenzy surrounding it as Pokemon Go did back in 2016 but retains a strong sphere of enthusiasts/collectors/die-hards. With this guide we hope helped add value surrounding consistent focus & strategic tips made up picking all eight figures — so what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Top 5 Facts about McDonald’s Mario Toys 2021 that will blow your mind

McDonald’s is not just a fast food chain; it has become an institution in every sense of the word. And when we think of McDonald’s, one thing that immediately comes to mind is Happy Meals! These iconic little boxes contain a delicious meal for kids and come complete with all sorts of fun goodies like stickers, puzzles, and toys.

In 2021, McDonald’s released their latest collection of Mario-themed toys as part of the Super Mario Bros. franchise anniversary celebration. Here are the top five amazing facts about them that you probably didn’t know:

Fact #1: They were originally meant for adults!

That’s right- these cute little figures may seem like they’re intended solely for children but this was not always true. In fact, according to some insiders at McDonald’s headquarters, these mini collectibles were initially created specifically targeting young adults who have long been fans of Nintendo video games.

Fact #2: They’re more than just decorations

Each toy figure is designed to be interactive – they move and have various functions depending on their character traits which makes them so much more interesting than your average plastic figurine.

For example, one can slide down slides while other characters can light up with different colors or make sound effects! This level interactivity captures the spirit and energy from classic video game franchises like Mario and friends while adding the joyous surprise factor consumers expect from McD products+happy meals +prizes.

Fact #3: The Series features popular Characters

Ever dreamed of owning a super exclusive Yoshi plushie made exclusively by Nintendo? Good news – now you can own several (not so fluffy) Yoshi modeled toy variations thanks to McDonalds’ partnership with Nintendo’s legendary creators Shigeru Miyamoto et al- his team helped design awesome Happy Meal Toys based on popular Mario Bros universe characters meaning players worldwide will get to experience brand new adventures outside traditional platform levels built within gaming consoles alone.

The lineup consists four characters: a rocking Yoshi, hopping Mario with some goomba friends in tow bouncing Luigi and climbing Princess Peach! original concept art was used to create detailed 3D models that have become iconic collectibles amongst gamers and collectors alike. The limited run series is now available; Who could resist these classic yet modern toys?

Fact #4: One Toy A Week Rule applies

In keeping customer satisfaction high McDonald’s has set up guidelines to ensure full enjoyment of their exclusive toy collection. Each character featured will be released one at a time per calendar week meaning players won’t miss out on any of the fun.

“Digital redemption for unlockable content”? That’s been around since video games started shipping with included content codes back on Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge days but McDonalds’ integration takes it one step further by updating its own Happy Meal app fostering sustained engagement all ages categories via an adult-approved- safe digital foot-print!

Fact #5: They’ve sold billion Bro(s/sis)!

Famed as Playtime favorites worldwide, These little prize pools have always been popular among kids, adults – anyone really- due to timeless nostalgic factor they bring about focused bonding moments needed especially after long periods apart driven by pandemic crises or simply life changes which call for mass gatherings+sharing gift-giving moments.

It should come as no surprise then, that over the years McDonald’s has sold over a BILLION Happy Meals toys augmented through innovative design technology making integrated learning experiences enjoyable while boosting spatial “challenges” intellectuality formation mechanics too!!


So there you have it – five surprising facts about McDonald’s latest lineup of Super Mario Bros themed Happy Meal Toys released this year. If you haven’t gotten your hands on these adorable collectibles yet then what are you waiting for? Hurry into your local Mcdonald’s outlet today because once they’re gone –they’re forever gone! Celebrate ongoing cooperation between entertainment industry leaders thereby much simpler way than ever before.

FAQs on McDonald’s Mario Toys 2021: Everything you need to know

McDonald’s is a global fast-food chain that has been a household name since the 1950s. Every year, McDonald’s releases exciting toy collections in partnership with some of the biggest names in entertainment and pop-culture.

One of its most popular and beloved partnerships is with Nintendo’s Mario franchise. This year, fans are thrilled to see the return of McDonald’s Mario toys for their Happy Meal collection range!

To ease your curiosity about what to expect from this highly-anticipated release this year, we’ve compiled all you need to know regarding FAQs on McDonald’s Mario Toys 2021:

1. What type of toys can we expect from McDonald’s featuring Mario characters?

This time round fans will be excited to receive “Peaches Lucky Stars” ping pong game which includes eight themed paddles and four balls or they can choose one out of eight colorful power-up action figures like Tanooki Suit Mariòn or Goomba.

2. When are these new SuperMario-inspired toys available at McDonalds?

The official launch date worldwide was on August 17th so don’t worry you still got plenty of time left grab yourself not just one but all eight joyous happy meal boxes!

3. Will there be limited edition items/toys included?

There sure will! With each purchase kids get either “Mission Cards” leading them onto an online adventure including augmented reality games or parents/guardians can enjoy collecting strictly limited-edition gold plated variants exists as well

4. How much does it cost? Should I break bank buying entire set(s)?

Good news: families won’t experience any extra burden on their wallets than usual offers –asfullhappy meal costing around $6 incl tax (subjective based on location). Therefore pricing remains pocket friendly while gifts remain magical and marvelous !

5.How long will these toys last before getting replaced by other creations?

Generally speaking once stock gets sold out customers have no choice but to wait for newer releases.Though new series are launched on a seasonal basis, experts predict with the popularity of Mario franchise that the items would stick around for sometime.With different kinds of merchandise launch lined up by McDonalds throughout the current year though, kids can look forward to getting spoilt every bit!

McDonald’s 2021 collection has excited fans of all ages and those who grew up enjoying Marios’ classic games. So if you’re wondering what’s next in store entertainment wise or got an unexplainable craving for fast-food -heading down to your local “Maccas” could quickly bring some serious happiness!

Why the launch of McDonald’s Mario Toys for 2021 is a game changer?

McDonald’s has been a favorite fast food chain for millions of people around the world. The brand is known for its delicious menu, affordable price ranges, and happy meal toys that keep children entertained while their parents enjoy a quick bite.

Over the years, McDonald’s has introduced various toys in their happy meals but could there be anything more exciting than launching a set of Mario-themed toys? It seems like 2021 couldn’t come soon enough!

The collaboration with Nintendo to launch Mario-inspired Happy Meal characters shows McDonald’s ability to adapt to new trends while staying true to their renowned mission: fun & convenience. This move allows them not only to expand on their extensive customer base by attracting young ones who’ll be excited about these cool figurines, but also brings back pleasant memories for those of us who grew up playing Nintendo games in our childhood.

In addition to providing pure nostalgia value which always does wonders when catering bulk audience needs; this collab isn’t just an ordinary one as we see characteristic personalization throughout such details as packaging designs, coupons embedded into gaming itself – rewarding game achievement successes with winning free Mcdonalds products are bound to grab players’ attention whilst making visits alluringly appealing.

The attention given towards durability and detail within these toy pieces adds even more excitement about what’s yet in store after staff reveal sneak peaks at upcoming versions from recent decades during weekly showcases via leading social media platforms promising current sales rates skyrocketing thanks specifically owing directly due these iterations being lapped up enthusiastically by adults too – likely majority aged between 18-34-years-old range fondly remembering being kids themselves in arguably most famous video game franchises history mentions such incredible names like Yoshi or Bowser – whetting appetite hungry fans can now also collect classic mugs sold separately bearing likeness aforementioned beloved characters so they might well become coveted collector’s items over time! Ultimately, getting your hands on any item part of new Super Mario line-up right now merits instant bragging rights, with a sheer delight charming any audience diverse it might be.

The launch of these happy meal toys have caused quite a stir on social media and game fan sites. People are excited to see what the collaboration brings in future releases too. Such response highlights that although earning money is an inevitable business aspect, McDonald’s has mastered balancing good marketing gimmicks whilst keeping fans satisfied by creating unique experiences everyone can enjoy together as well as appealing greatly towards increasing revenue simultaneously. Overall, this exciting evolution may possibly signify for many more joint partnerships from other franchises or movies surely appearing within Mcdonalds activity sooner rather than later? It’s always safe bet they sure won’t forget their original aim of emphasizing flawlessly unparalleled customer services throughout!

Expert Review: What makes McDonald’s Mario Toys 2021 stand out from the rest?

As we know, McDonald’s has always presented impressive toys for their Happy Meals to keep kids entertained and delighted. But this year, they have outdone themselves with the Mario Toys 2021!

McDonald’s partnered with Nintendo to bring eight beloved characters from the Super Mario franchise right into the hands of youngsters across America. The collection features Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser Jr., Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi and Goomba!

What makes these toys different from previous collections is the level of personalization that each toy offers. For instance, when you push down on Mario’s head or back part which acts as a spring-loaded lever mechanism inside him , he jumps forward onto his enemies without any fear! On the other hand,you can pull up on Luigi’s arms to make him perform a Spin Jump just like in Super Mario games.

Kids are also enchanted by Princess Peach who not only looks amazing but allows children to reveal her creamy lipstick behind moving leaves using unique flip gimmick hidden below her crown.And how could one forget about Bowser Jr.’s colorful car inspired by Koopa Clown Car from Super mario Bros.

One thing that stands out about these new McDonald’s toys is its imaginative designs and attention to detail— something rare within fast-food promotional items. Each character looks exactly like it does in the game—from Goomba’s squat mushroom appearance to Waluigi’s skinny mustache!!

In addition,Creative packaging combined with detailed instruction leaflets come along with every happy meal box so kids can enhance their favorite figures further.

Not only will your child enjoy playing with them thoroughly but adults will admire collecting them due to exemplary quality offered at such affordable prices . These collectibles are surefire conversation starters at all ages.

All in All,Mcdonald’s has once again managed an unbeatable combination of nostalgia & innovation perfectly tailored towards young audience.In my opinion it’s become a must-have collection for every true Super Mario lover & collector! Get yours today with a happy meal at a McDonald’s near you.

The Must-Have Collection: Ranking the Best McDonald’s Mario Toys 2021.

For years now, McDonald’s has been partnering with Nintendo to create some of the best Happy Meal toys around. For fans of both the fast-food chain and Super Mario Bros., it’s a match made in heaven. So today we’re going to rank our favorite McDonald’s Mario Toys from 2021 so far.

7) Bowser: Coming in at number seven on our list is Bowser! This plush toy may look cute but he still sports his menacing frown which makes him perfect for any fan looking for a precise replica of their favourite villain.

6) Yoshi: Everyone’s beloved green dinosaur takes 6th place on this year’s collection ranking as one of the most cutest ever released by McDonalds!

5) Hammer Bro.: Number five goes out to none other than the hammer-wielding goomba known as Hammer Bro.. His overalls are faithful to those several decades ago, and like all pieces here, they’re designed with great care

4) Red Koopa Shell Spinner: The classic Spiny Turtle just lost out on a podium position. However, coming complete with wheels that make it easy for your children to race across smooth surfaces led them rank highly amongst car enthusiasts..

3) Tanooki Suit Mario: Furry suits and wings don’t come cheap, but you can get this exclusive figure for free when ordering food from certain outlets (check availability). One downside though is that should you forget or overlook asking specifically about available figures or present different enticements valuable enough, then chances could be high unfortunately missing-out “The Must-Have” novelty item altogether – Not cool!

2) Peach-Style Warp Pipe w/Luigi Toy inside!: When you order these limited edition furniture piece warp pipes right now direct from specific restaurants leading chains who support collaboration events between brands plus interested franchising owners , expect receiving endless compliments regarding its aesthetic quality addition complimented well by its matching Luigi toy counterpart included.

1)Foliage Blocks: The winner and number one ranking goes out to the evergreen blocks. Almost impossible to find except via customer/client privacy settings from certain franchises nearest you, which if lucky enough have reserved an exclusive supply available for their services only . But be warned, there won’t be much stock left by now among feverish searching fanatics even after just a few weeks from when they made promotions appearance on TV commercials alongside new additions distribution process various participating branches across different countrywide locations! This year’s special feature is availability of foliage block edition highlighting wide spectrum colors infused with delicate seasonal decorum- this nifty item will easily set your gamer room apart!

Overall, McDonald’s never fails in creating some amazing Mario toys that both adults and kids can enjoy alike. So make sure to stay updated as they release more toys throughout 2021! “I’m lovin’ it!” – we think so too…

Table with useful data:

Toy Name Release Date Character Description
Super Mario February 2021 Mario A plastic figure of Mario in his classic outfit, with a removable cap and arm that can be moved up and down.
Luigi’s Car February 2021 Luigi A red car with a green “L” on the hood. Luigi sits in the driver’s seat, and the wheels roll.
Yoshi February 2021 Yoshi A green plastic figure of Yoshi, with movable arms and legs, and a pink saddle.
Princess Peach’s Crown February 2021 Princess Peach A gold-plated plastic crown with pink and blue gems. It comes with a stand and can be worn by children.
Flying Koopa Troopa February 2021 Koopa Troopa A plastic figure of a Koopa Troopa attached to a propeller. When a button is pushed, the propeller spins and the toy flies through the air.

Information from an expert: As someone who keeps up with the latest trends and technologies in the toy industry, I can confidently say that McDonald’s Mario Toys 2021 are a must-have for any Super Mario fan. These toys are not only fun to collect but also offer unique features such as light-up effects and interactivity with other Mario characters. They make great gifts for both children and adults alike, providing hours of entertainment without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on adding these iconic figures to your collection!

Historical fact:

McDonald’s has been including toys in their Happy Meals since 1979, and one of the most popular toy collections was the Super Mario Bros. line launched in 1994. In 2021, McDonald’s brought back this beloved collection featuring characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi to celebrate the iconic game’s 35th anniversary.

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