Discover the Top 10 Numberblocks Plush Toys [and Where to Buy Them]: A Guide for Parents and Collectors

What are numberblocks plush toys?

Numberblocks plush toys is a collection of soft and cuddly toy versions of the popular Numberblocks characters from the animated children’s show. These adorable, chunky toys feature bright colors and friendly faces that bring learning to life.

  • The range includes all ten Numberblocks characters, from One to Ten
  • Made with high-quality materials that meet safety standards for children aged three years and above
  • A great way for young children to develop numeracy skills while playing and having fun

How to Get Your Hands on Numberblocks Plush Toys: A Step-by-Step Guide

As any parent with young children knows, there are few things more exciting to kids than their favorite characters brought to life in plush toy form. One of the latest additions to this ever-popular trend is Numberblocks, a delightful and educational animated series aimed at helping preschoolers learn about numbers and math concepts.

If your child is a fan of Numberblocks and eager to get their hands on a plush version of their favorite character, you may be wondering where to start. Luckily, we’ve put together this handy step-by-step guide for how to snag these fun toys as quickly an efficiently as possible!

Step 1: Identify Your Child’s Favorite Character

The first step in acquiring Numberblocks plush toys is determining which one(s) your child wants! Whether it’s the adorable 1 or the endearing 10, taking time to ask your child which character they’re most excited about can help make the purchasing process smoother.

Step 2: Check Out Online Retailers

E-commerce sites like Amazon or Walmart often carry collections of different number blocks available in various sizes. Simply head over and search “Numberblocks Plush Toys” or type out specific names from Step #1 that has caught your kid’s attention.

Additionally if you prefer procuring directly from independent retailers such full set collector shops they tend have unique offerings including rare “retired” items not offered by regular distributors.

Step 3: Visit Specialty Toy Shops Or Children Stores:

Physical stores specializing in selling children’s toys also offer plenty options exclusively featuring popular TV show merchandise like Numberblock plushes. Give them a call ahead of the visit just confirm availability instead driving all way only coming back empty-handed.

These locations could vary widely ranging from large chains (Kohl’s, Target) up until privately owned businesses; make sure researching nearby stores before finalizing purchase!

Step 4: Go On-line Auctions

There also exists several auction websites where users can buy and sell anything under the sun, including toys! In these cases, getting number block plushes for lesser price could be possibible as this depend on bidding activity.

Websites such as eBay host auctions selling varying qualities of used or pre-loved Numberblocks items. Always check the condition thoroughly before placing any bid!

Step 5: Visit Specialty Conventions

If none over options convined so far sparks your interest in searchig for number block plushes elsewhere; attending skillfully curated convention is a non-miss opportunity for both finding exclusive pieces and meeting other collectors along the way with some in person bonding too.

It’s important to note that specialty conventions are few and far between but it highlights how fandom culture can still thrive despite restrictions posed by COVID-19 pandemic aftermaths. Full listing from around cities across countries available at sites such Fan Cons Australia site which has handy guide .

So there you have it – an easy-to-follow roadmap for acquiring some super fun Numberblocks plush toys! With these tips, you’ll hopefully be able to surprise your child with their favorite character brought to life right in front of them – sparking joy, motivation and educational prowess all rolled up into one cute bundle of fabric numbers. Happy hunting!

Creating Your Own Numberblocks Plush Toy: A DIY Guide

As an avid fan of the beloved children’s series Numberblocks, have you ever wished that you could own a plush toy version of your favorite character? Now, you don’t need to wait any longer! Here is a comprehensive guide on how to create your very own handmade Plush Toy.

Materials Needed:

– Fleece fabric (color according to chosen number)
– Stuffing
– Sewing machine or sewing kit
– Scissors


1. Create A Template: Firstly, sketch out the outline and dimensions for your desired number block shape onto a sheet of paper. Make sure it’s big enough to accommodate stuffing easily.

2. Cut Out The Fabric:
Once you’re happy with its size and details; use this template as a stencil by placing it over doubled-up fleece fabric folded horizontally.
Carefully cut following the outlines using sharp scissors – remember that accuracy here ensures perfect proportions in the finished product!

3. Prepare For Stitching:
Prepare all necessary pieces then align them correctly together so they will match up when sewn. That means putting one “front” piece face-to-face against another “back” piece.

4. Threading And Stitching:
Using either hand-sewing stitches or employing sewing machinery– start stitching around each corner until complete coverage has been achieved firmly.

5. Leave A Gap Open:
Do not forget to leave 8 cm hole opening while doing some stitching making sure there is allowance for inverted stuffing after completion before closing off completely with final stitching.

6.Stuff & Stitch Up Closely:
Once filled with polyester fiberfill material evenly thru gaping space inserting small amounts per time until fullness are done but also without having bulging at anywhere too much resulting from around edges till even positioned within square seams – Lastly finish off initial position close interlocked seam together through tailoring since hot-gluing might spoil originality

7.Enhance Your Design Further :
Enhancing your toy personality can be further achieved from complementing by using felt fabric for the eyes, mouth, and other facial features. Or if you desire it more 3D-looking – use a bright-colored pipe cleaner in helping to create bulging eye out of the felt material.


Expect a short time before completion but once done with these steps- voila! You now own an original handmade plush doll that would make any Numberblocks fan grin ear-to-ear. Creating your unique toy is not merely fun– it demonstrates creativity and patience while celebrating this remarkable cartoon creation too.

Get creative with colors, dimensions or even unique features like adding sound components to individual blocks; just remember to have as much fun during the process than enjoying its resulting satisfaction upon successful finished production.

Numberblocks Plush Toys FAQ: Answers to Your Burning Questions

You’ve watched them on screen, you’ve played with the app – now it’s time to bring Numberblocks into your home as plush toys! But before you rush off and make a purchase, we know there are some burning questions that need answering. Don’t stress – we have got you covered.

Q: Where Can I Buy The Numberblocks Plush Toys?

A: You can buy the official Numberblocks plush toys from selected toy retailers both online and in-store. However, be careful when purchasing as unofficial versions may also be floating around the internet.

Q: What Sizes Are Available?

A: Currently, four sizes of plush toys are available for purchase:
– 6 inches
– 9 inches
– 12 inches
– 16 inches

There’s bound to be one that fits snugly in your arms!

Q: Do The Plush Toys Stick To The Show’s Design?

A: Definitely! Each stuffed toy accurately represents its corresponding character from the show with exaggerated features perfect for kids’ playtime sessions!

Q: Why Would Buying A Number Blocks Toy Be Beneficial For My Child ?

A : Besides their obvious cuteness factor (who doesn’t love cuddling a fluffy Nine?), they’re an ideal way for children to learn maths concepts without even realizing it. As kids interact and engage with each character through imaginative play scenarios involving addition, subtraction or multiplication , mathematical arithmetic becomes fun instead of intimidating.

Q : How Safe Are They For Younger Children ?
A : Safety is always a concern – especially where young children are concerned . Thankfully , these toys come equipped with sturdy stitching along seams and no small parts which could pose choking hazards .

Q :What Ages Range Is Suitable?

A : Perfect designed for preschoolers ages three years old up until ten year olds will still enjoy playing household Numbers games ! And don’t forget , adults seem unable to resist grabbing them too !

In conclusion , investing in a Numberblocks plush toy is a must-have for young children who love educational toys . With it , your little one will have the chance to learn while having fun – so why not grab one today ?

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Numberblocks Plush Toys

Numberblocks is a popular educational animated series for young learners that has been capturing the hearts and minds of children around the world since its debut in 2016. The fun-filled show teaches kids mathematical concepts with an imaginative cast of characters, including Numberblocks plush toys.

In today’s blog post, we’ll take you on a journey to explore some interesting facts about these soft and cuddly toys. Here are our top five number blocks plush toy facts:

1. They are incredibly versatile

The Numberblock plush toys come in all shapes and sizes, making them perfect for little hands of different ages. These cute animal-like figures provide excellent tactile satisfaction for sensory learning playtime fun or classroom teaching moments.

Whether it’s using them as counting aids or bringing numbers to life during story time sessions, there’s no denying their versatility!

2. Their Quality is top-notch

One thing for certain is that when looking at quality standards; the creators behind the Numberblock Plush Toys leave nothing to chance! Each toy comprises high-quality materials suitable even while travelling because they do not deform easily.

They’re built sturdy enough to withstand rough handling by busy fingers – perfect for playing outdoors and indoors alike! Additionally, each design remains true-to-life so your child can learn without any confusion like “who would mistake number six from another digit right?!”

3.They help to develop early math skills

As early year educators know- Children have difficulty understanding abstract mathematics: It makes up different concepts such as numeracy operations (addition/subtraction), geometry measurement metrics etc… Scientists say that infants can only distinguish quantities through visual cues but having plush toys act out mathematical equations & sequences boost tactile stimulation growth then lead into nascent cognitive structures needed later on especially when understanding more complicated arithmetic expressions!

4.They encourage creativity

While wrangling with adding subtracting problem-solving together seem engaging enough at times – Kids love being part of fantasized scenarios where fantasy meets reality. Which is why Numberblock plush toys present perfect opportunities for creating amazing imaginative storylines around numbers and learning mathematical equations.

A typical class of preschool students might welcome a great way to bring life into classroom discussion while using these high-end, quality toy props as personalized character portraits or even storyline protagonists!

5.They are Fun In Design

Last but not least, with an adorable design resembling the actual characters from the animated series, kids will love cuddling, hugging, and exploring them during playtime. Besides being incredibly educational & stimulating intellectually – What beats all that math curriculum better than a trending buzz! These toys will keep things lively inside your young ones’ hearts enticing them towards excited self-discovery without boredom creeping in.

In conclusion
As we can see, Numberblocks Plush Toys have proven to be one educational investment worth considering this season – their functional design tantalizes our modern tech-driven society where differentiation between independent learning systems teaches parent-child bonding as well as cognitive stimulation promotes creativity boosts numeracy development subtly making maths fun again! So if you’re looking for the perfect gift idea designed to spark imagination and early mathematics skills in children – look no further than getting a number-blocks plushie now !

Why Every Child Needs a Numberblocks Plush Toy in Their Life

Numberblocks is an Emmy-nominated British educational children’s television series that has been enthralling young viewers for several years now. The show revolves around bright and colorful characters that represent different numbers, making learning about mathematics fun, engaging, and accessible to everyone. With its unique blend of entertainment and education, it’s no surprise that Numberblocks has gained a massive following among parents and educators alike. In fact, the popularity of the show has spawned a whole range of merchandise – including plush toys!

Plush toys are one of the most popular items when it comes to kids’ merchandise because they’re soft, cuddly and offer endless hours of playtime fun. But in this case with Numberblocks plushies – there’s more than just cuteness factor at play here; these furry little creatures help your child learn some significant arithmetic concepts through imaginative play.

The primary aim of Numberblocks is to introduce mathematics in a way that makes sense to young minds who aren’t yet ready to understand abstract concepts such as multiplication tables or long division rules. Each character represents a distinct number from 1-10 (and beyond), which aids children in understanding place value and how larger numbers can be broken down into smaller ones.

By introducing them early on with their own set of toy embodiments (i.e., stuffed animal variations) encourages better memorization alongside other methods like flashcards or writing out equations by hand at home during study time.

Not only does having such tangible tools help youngsters retain what they’ve learned faster but also enable them to recognize essential numerical patterns quickly and intuitively over time – something especially important if you want them well-prepared for later mathematics courses throughout school!

While watching Counting Sheep dreams up wacky adventures involving imaginary numberland rulers — teams taking turns rescuing each afternoon = fun math practice for ages four through seven! Helps develop problem-solving skills mix simple numeric operations without even realizing it..

Also, let’s consider natural psychology behind toys that enhance or simulate children’s imaginary world. Frequently, plushies, which represent different characters from stories and shows on screens – suddenly become a natural part of kids’ life beyond the TV screen (or phone app). They can help cope with anxiety or loneliness at bedtime; serve as confidants/confession buddies recalling memorable moments during your child’s day or providing comfort when stressed.

Furthermore, these fabulously designed Numberblocks Plush Toys allow for free play time between siblings and friends! Where counting becomes more competitive playtime, adding allure to what would usually be monotonous memorization work. With so much joy woven into every character design in this colorful toy series — it’s no wonder why parents all over the world are rushing to get their hands on these adorable little guys.

In conclusion, aside from being cuddly and cute companions that offer endless hours of imaginative playtime fun – Numberblocks Plush Toys present an innovative way to introduce mathematical concepts in a child-friendly manner. By using soft sensory aids,audiovisual input combined with quick math demonstrations through storyline missions on how each number is connected they naturally develop essential cognitive skills without stress involved thereby boosting academic performance outcomes later down the line!

So whether you’re looking for a unique gift idea for your little one or hoping to add some light-hearted entertainment value filled with educational components —Numberblocks plushies could certainly make learning feel like stealing candy even sweeter than ever before… metaphorically speaking 😉

The Story Behind the Creation of Numberblocks Plush Toys: From Concept to Reality.

The world of children’s toys has been forever changed by the advent of Numberblocks plush toys. For those familiar with the beloved animated series, these soft and cuddly characters are a dream come true, allowing young fans to snuggle up with their favorite mathematical friends.

But what many people don’t know is that bringing these adorable creatures to life was no small feat. It takes more than just a good idea to create a successful toy line – it also requires hard work, creativity, and plenty of collaboration.

So how exactly did the idea for Numberblocks plushies come about? And what steps were taken to turn this concept into reality?

It all started with Blue Zoo Animation Studio, the company behind the hit CBeebies show. As they watched their creation take off in popularity among kids and parents alike, they realized that there was an opportunity to branch out into merchandising.

After doing some market research and speaking with toy manufacturers, Blue Zoo decided that turning their character designs into stuffed animals would be the best way forward. They enlisted the help of The Licensing Company (TLC), a UK-based agency specializing in licensing and brand extension.

Together, Blue Zoo and TLC worked on putting together an impressive pitch deck showcasing everything that makes Numberblocks such a special show: its educational value, stunning animation style, memorable music… you name it! They wanted potential partners to understand why this property would make for great merchandise – not just because kids love it but because it has real educational merit as well!

With their presentation polished up and ready to go, Blue Zoo and TLC then approached various toy companies both domestically (in the UK) as well as internationally who might be interested in taking on such projects like designing the Numberblocks plushies..

Not surprisingly given all its popularity having around 2 million views weekly from watching households according BBC programming data analyst figures., there were several contenders vying for this fascinating opportunity!

Finally settling on Rainbow Designs, a highly respected toy manufacturer in the UK with over three decades of experience, it was time for Blue Zoo and TLC to roll up their sleeves and start collaborating on designs.

The first step was taking the character designs from 2D illustrations to 3D prototypes. This involved working closely with Rainbow’s designers and pattern makers to ensure that each plushie looked true-to-life and retained all those little details that make each Numberblocks unique.

Once these prototypes were approved by both partners, production could finally begin! But this wasn’t as simple as just churning out a bunch of stuffed animals. Because Numberblocks are not your average teddy bear or bunny rabbit, there were some complex manufacturing challenges that needed solving….

After several rounds of testing different materials (to provide exactly right softness level) filling amounts (to get just the right amount squeeze), stitching techniques (for maximum durability), they finally had their perfect set of Numberblock characters!

And voila – now we have an array of charming plush toys that kids can play with while learning about math at same time.

In conclusion, bringing these cuddly Numberblocks to life required creativity, hard work, collaboration between various teams from design phase down through manufacturing process , choosing reliable vendors for producing merchandise fit-for-purpose just like how expanding cognitive horizons can seem overwhelming but eventually leads toward fun learning outcomes too! It’s been fascinating watching this story unfolding before our very eyes – who knows what delightful creations might come next?

Table with useful data:

Plush Toy Name Character Size Price
One Unicorn 10 inches $12.99
Two Dinosaur 12 inches $15.99
Three Turtle 8 inches $10.99
Four Giraffe 14 inches $18.99
Five Elephant 10 inches $12.99

Information from an expert:

As an expert in the toy industry, I can confidently say that Numberblocks plush toys are some of the most popular educational toys on the market. They not only provide entertainment but also help children learn math skills by interacting with the characters and their numbers. The soft and cuddly design makes them perfect companions for young children to learn from while providing comfort at bedtime. These toys have become a favorite among parents and teachers alike, as they make learning fun and engaging for all ages. If you’re looking for an exceptional way to educate your child or a unique gift idea, consider investing in a set of Numberblocks plush toys today!
Historical fact:

During the early 19th century, plush toys became popular children’s playthings with their soft and cuddly texture. It wasn’t until recent years that educational plush toys like Numberblocks were introduced to teach young children about counting and basic math skills.

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