Unleashing the Ultimate Guide to COD Ghost Toys: A Story of Collectors, Stats, and Solutions [2021 Edition]

Short answer cod ghost toys: Call of Duty Ghosts is a first-person shooter video game, and as such there are various types of merchandise available. Cod Ghost Toys refer to the action figures, collectibles and playsets featuring characters from the game. These figures come in various sizes and have details that include removable accessories, points of articulation for realistic poses, and card-stock display backgrounds depicting scenes from the game or environments they were featured in.

How to Get Your Hands on COD Ghost Toys: Where to Purchase and What to Look For

Call of Duty Ghosts has been one of the most popular video games over the past few years. With its captivating storyline, intense gameplay and stunning graphics, it’s no wonder that fans have made Call of Duty a part of their lives. And what better way to celebrate your love for Call of Duty than owning some incredible COD Ghost Toys!

However, finding COD Ghost toys can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Not all stores stock them – and even if they do, you may not know where to look.

So here is the ultimate guide on how to get your hands on COD ghost toys:

1. Check Online
Online shopping is one option when looking for COD Ghost Toys. Websites such as Amazon or eBay have various sellers offering merchandise from around the world shipping straight to your doorstep.

2. Go To Gaming Stores
GameStop or EB Games are franchises solely focused on gamers and offing gaming-related products including figures and collectibles with multiple locations nationwide so you shouldn’t have trouble locating one near by.

3. Browse Toy Stores
Although being quite limited in choice compared with game retailer equivalents, toy shops still host an ample selection range available online & instore alike at places such as Smyths.ie

4.Consider Secondhand Shopping
If you don’t mind purchasing pre-owned items there’s always secondhand marketplaces like Gumtree.com , Facebook marketplace but beware before handover any cash without inspecting first !

5.Buy Exclusives
Some retailers produce exclusive versions strictly only offered through select outlets resulting collectors coveting these rare pieces seeked after monstrosities eagerly buying whichever set these come included alongside.
Check out Hastings Exclusive Blackout Edition Titanfall Pop Figural Keychain as an example which was exclusively sold through hastings & proved very high demand upon release..

Now that we’ve established where we can purchase our precious possessions let us now highlight just exactly which models every collector should keep their gaze fixed upon!

1. Call of Duty Action Figures
Action figures are some of the most popular COD Ghost Toys on the market, with its vast assortment modelled after key players within game and having exact same facial features & clothing to depict a life like representation of in-game characters.

2. Mega Bloks  Call of Duty sets
Another favourite are Call of Duty building blocks by mega bloks which deliver snapshots taken straight from game environments whilst appealing to youth through bringing imaginative play into limitless possibilities adding fun factor making perfect gift for kids & collectors alike.

3. Replica Weapons
If you’re looking for something more unconventional, replica weapons might be your jam; Backyard Blasters have licensed products such as “COD Modern Warfare ACR Electric Airsoft Gun” or video-simulated artillery hands-on experience

Remember these top tips when searching for COD Ghost toys: don’t be afraid to shop around for best prices, purchase limited edition offerings before they sell out – alternatively mass-produced stock items available further down line..and display presented pieces pride via collection adorning bookshelf or any feature space enhancing surrounding areas heavily 🙂

Creating your Own COD Ghost Toy Collection: Step-by-Step Instructions

Are you a fan of the popular video game franchise “Call of Duty: Ghosts”? Do you find yourself admiring the various characters and weapons as they battle it out on your screen? Well, why not bring some of that excitement into your own home by creating your very own COD Ghost toy collection!

Step 1: Choose Your Characters

The first step in building any great toy collection is choosing which figures to include. In this case, start with the main protagonists and antagonists from Call of Duty: Ghosts. Some great options might include Logan Walker, David Hesh Walker, Elias T. “Scarecrow” Walker or Gabriel T. Rorke.

Step 2: Find Reference Images

Once you’ve selected your characters, scour the Internet for high-quality reference images to use as inspiration for sculpting or painting them accurately. You can also print out these images and use them as templates when crafting your toys.

Step 3: Gather Materials

Now that you know what characters you’re making and have reference images at hand, gather all the necessary materials like clay or sculpture resin (depending on how involved you want to get), paint brushes in various sizes and shades/types of acrylic paints.

Step 4: Sculpture & Painting Process

If using clay – sculpt each character with incredible detail! Deepen facial details particularly around eyes and distinguish well singular lines especially around cheeks where wrinkles are dominant With approved sculptures finished- leave items aside overnight before air drying renders fundamental strength enabling toys sustainability over time.

When painting, be sure to layer colors carefully – referencing photos along creation process pick needed subtle color changes such as eye pupil shade variation etc…

Voila! after completion clean up work area pack away supplies : Now place newly created custom made COD ghost action figure onto display shelf within distance viewpoint while seated @ gaming console .. sit back relax slaying enemy’s just became that much more awesome !

In conclusion, making your own COD Ghost toy collection can be a fun and rewarding experience. Whether you choose to sculpt them by hand or simply paint existing figures, the end result will be a unique and personalized addition to any gamer’s collection. By following these step-by-step instructions, soon enough you’ll have a set of customized Call of Duty: Ghosts action figures that are completely one-of-a-kind!

COD Ghost Toys FAQ: Answering the Most Common Questions About These Collectibles

Call of Duty is one of the most popular first-person shooter video games in history, and it holds a special place in many fans’ hearts. With every new release comes new merchandise to satisfy the hunger of fans for collectibles – this time around, we’re talking about COD Ghost toys. If you’re a Call of Duty fan looking to add some Ghost figures to your collection or just curious about what’s available, read on as we answer some frequently asked questions.

1. What Are COD Ghost Toys?

COD Ghosts toys are action figures made by McFarlane Toys that represent the characters featured in Activision’s “Call of Duty: Ghosts” video game series. These detailed miniatures look like they’ve stepped right out of the game itself and onto your shelf.

2. Who Makes Them?

McFarlane Toys make these fantastic figurines, a toy company founded by Todd McFarlane renowned comic book illustrator who’s known for creating Spawn​ among other masterpieces encompassing Movie Maniacs and Beatles Yellow Submarine action figures.

3. How Detailed Are They?

These figurines are incredibly detailed! From tiny accessories like guns, ammo pouches, and grenades to intricate facial expressions & even scars; everything counts when aiming at making an exact replica from ​the source material i.e., ‘Ghosts,’ ‘Spectre’, Riley etc.

4. How Many Different Figures are There?

The first series includes three different character models: Simon “Ghost” Riley (who has quickly become iconic), Hesh (Jacob) and Merrick with varying skin colour versions representing veterans from all over the world inclusive diverse cultures representation which CoD has been focusing lately throughout their past releases such as Cold War integrating various global locations into their maps sets routine steps forward towards exclusive inclusion diversity gaming community can witness fully flashed out through future releases.

5.What Sizes Do They Come In?

There are two types – six-inch and seven-inch figures. These action figures’ sizes give reasonable consideration to mapping characters’ height throughout the games. Seven inches pack featuring better quality details while 6 inch represents relatively cheaper price for collectors on a budget.

6.Where Can I Buy Them?

These collectibles are easily available in any store that sells toys of such kind or one can buy them straight from McFarlane Toys official online store besides Amazon pulling traffic with its varying shipping locations worldwide delivery!

7.What Makes COD Ghost Figures Stand Out From Other Call of Duty Collectibles?

The level of detail that has been put into each character model is what makes these figurines remarkable. Every tiny wrinkle, shading element embedded clothing patterns amounting life-like replication ensembles how passionately attention-grabbing team behind producing this line up have worked towards creating masterpieces appealing to gaming enthusiasts as well as codified ​collectors alike! Regardless whether you’re an ardent gamer or hardcore ~~fanatic~~ collector, ​these models​ will surely captivate your imagination once placed amongst other pieces either locked away safely in displays cases or out and about being enjoyed aesthetically side by side with different peripheral gear accessories creating a perfect display for forums/ events bringing like-minded people – gamers & fandoms together.

In Conclusion

COD Ghost collections add value to your space adding something unique worth noticing rather than just blank shelves awaiting dust accumulation through crafting distinct detailed expressions delivering vast possibilities across various design schemes portraying thematic excellence bringing plentiful diversified perspectives personally relevant subtle nuances enjoyed for years long down the road. Whether it’s Simon Riley (a fan favourite), Hesh (Jacob) seasoned veterans Merrick showcasing broader representation including diversity inclusion which always remains hitting demand high rack trends today – COD ghost toys tick many boxes easing fans/completists equally happy without not breaking their banks limiting their orders within affordable models range offered providing ample opportunities pleasing everybody’s interests efficiently!

Top 5 Facts About COD Ghost Toys You Didn’t Know

Call of Duty Ghosts is one of the most popular video games to ever hit consoles and PCs. It features intense first-person shooter gameplay, exciting multiplayer modes, and an engaging storyline that has kept fans hooked for years. Given Gamers’ love for COD ghosts as a game franchise, it’s no surprise that plenty of merchandise and toys have been released based on this blockbuster game series.

If you are among those gamers who like to collect Call Of Duty Ghost Toys then there’s quite a lot you might not know about them. Here are the top 5 facts about COD ghost toys you probably didn’t know.

1) The Funko Pop vinyl figure collection

Funko Pop has made many waves in their various exclusive collections since its inception in 1998 with bobbleheads being its forte before switching focus towards vinyl figures instead.The company started its partnership with Activision Blizzard back in May 2017 whereby they announced products featuring franchises such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Skylanders®, Hearthstone®, Diablo III®, Heroes of the Storm™,

2) McFarlane Action Figures and Statues

McFarlane Toys has also partnered up with Activision once again to produce some very realistic action figures from ‘Call Of Duty Modern Warfare – Warzone’ & other games earlier too. Even though these choices may have surprised collectors yet successfully managed expectations worldwide

3) Retired sets fetch higher prices

With several toy brands arriving in stores yearly producing more advanced intricate designs becomes harder allowing exclusivity or retirements pushes up demand by new buyers making cod drops go climb upwards potentially selling at increasingly inflated auction-type collector rates quoted globally.

4) Collectors quality varies between editions

Though both high-and low-quality versions exist varying drastically these differences often sway opinions among enthusiasts within minutes online forums discussions pointing out details missed initially encouraging debate around which ones stand-out overall.

5) Seasonal Items Are Available

Like Christmas-themed Funko Pop vinyl figures or other holiday décor merchandise, Call of Duty Ghost toys also offers numerous versions featuring ghosts in Santa Claus hats and zombies in Christmas sweaters among others.

From action figures to collectible models series like the one’s produced by Funko’ it’s not just about having a toy collection at home; interested COD gamers can explore their taste for other related items such as clothing accessories, backpacks & school supplies too. As retails continue offering these products fans of all ages will likely keep collecting them making Call Of Duty Ghost Toys an excellent part of any gamer’s collection dictionary worldwide.

Unboxing the Latest COD Ghost Toy Releases: Reviews and Opinions from Fans

Call of Duty, a first-person shooter game that has enthralled gamers all over the world for over 15 years, has now brought its action to toys. The latest addition to this franchise is an exciting range of COD Ghost Toy releases. With their blistering action-packed scenarios and stunning graphics, these toys have already gained immense popularity.

We’ve put together a comprehensive review roundup from fans who are excited about unboxing and playing them. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular new arrivals in the Call of Duty toy universe:

COD RC Quadcopter Drone: This drone offers impressively fluid controls with high-quality video streaming via Wi-Fi as well as customizable flights perfect for aerial combat-style experiences! It’s sturdy enough to withstand collisions while staying agile enough to pull off tricks like flips or rolls!

One fan said “The RC quadcopter is excellent, it provides unique flight features with smooth control transfer delivering memorable gameplay experience.”

COD Speedboats: If you love speed and deception on water then you must try out one of these speedy boats equipped with sleek design and working propellers – your opponents won’t stand a chance!

A satisfied customer commented, “These little machines can zip through small bodies of water at amazing speeds without losing stability or power which made me feel like I was roaring across dangerous waves!”

Game Controllers & Headsets: For players who want unparalleled gaming performance, there were plenty controllers available from standard ones up-to advanced level custom designs providing ultimate comfort even during long-hour battles. And don’t forget adding clarity around voice based communications thanks to our selection quality headphones which will sharpen communication strategies among team members.

A happy gamer shared his thoughts by saying “Addicted, completely hooked on this collection… These headsets provided immersive user chatting capabilities making teamwork much better than just before.”

As these reviews show us Call Of Duty Toys have certainly built themselves quite reputation amongst gamers worldwide due not only to their unique and fantastic designs, but also for delivering gaming experiences that are as engaging and action-packed as the video games they’re based on.

So if you’re a fan of Call Of Duty, don’t miss out on these toys – With their fun gameplay features, impeccable design elements and great quality overall, they are bound to take your gaming experience to new heights! Of course there’s still more coming from COD so stay tuned fellow gamers.

The Ultimate Guide to Displaying and Storing Your COD Ghost Toys

As a proud owner of the Call of Duty Ghosts toys, you understand the value and importance of displaying and storing them properly. These collectibles are more than just plastic figurines; they hold sentimental value and may even increase in worth over time.

So how do you ensure that your COD Ghost toys remain in mint condition? Here’s our ultimate guide to displaying and storing your precious possessions:

Display Them Proudly

First things first – let’s find the perfect spot to show off your treasured COD Ghosts figures. You’ll want a location that is visible but not in direct sunlight or bright artificial light which can cause fading or discoloration.

Use shelves or shadow boxes to create an eye-catching display with multiple angles for viewing. Avoid stacking them on top of each other as this risks damage due to rubbing against each other. Also, make sure they’re placed away from heat sources like fireplaces, heaters, radiators, etc., which could melt or deform their shape irreparably.

Cleanliness Is Key

Your COD Ghost figures need regular cleaning to maintain their pristine look. Dust settles quickly on plastic surfaces so it’s essential to wipe down the toys weekly with a gentle cloth or dust brush specifically designed for delicate items such as antiques.

For tougher stains (like grease marks if enemies dared touch them), use a non-abrasive cleaner mixed with water along with soft-bristle toothbrushes – this method works well for intricate details too! Be gentle during scrubbing by using minimal pressure while avoiding contact between joints since this might introduce unwanted wear-and-tear onto your toy limbs.

Special Cases For Special Figures

Certain characters possess additional features such as movable parts, glow-in-the-dark elements, rare materials (gold metallic paint), detachable accessories like weapons & helmets – they deserve extra care when being stored!

Consider using specialized boxes/cases made exclusively for action figures alike together with acid-free tissue paper separating various toys to prevent damage caused by touching against each other. Afterward, you also need to insert silica gel sachets that absorb any moisture keeping them inside closed cabinets or cupboards.

Proper Temperature and Humidity

The temperature and humidity of the area where your COD Ghost toys are stored is crucial for their longevity. Hot temperatures could cause plastic figures to melt or warp while dampness can make colors bleed or mold grow on fuzzy areas like hair parts – nobody wants “haunted” action figures!

Therefore keep consistent climate control in the storage space at all times using dehumidifiers & humidifiers as appropriate around 50% RH (Relative Humidity). This will prevent degradation so they always look brand new making it easier when showing off your collection.


Your COD Ghosts collectibles are a precious investment that deserves proper care and attention! Follow our guide for an ideal display setup showcasing these impeccable pieces of artwork that’ll last you generations if well looked after.

Assemble supreme quality cases, manage cleaning right through adjusted temperature-humidity, pick-out unique displays; lock-in the perfect spot with minimum natural daylight exposure then flaunt away all those amazing details brought out under some spotlight! These acts show how serious one takes their collections giving others a glimpse into what makes this “Call Of Duty” unbreakable bond we all embrace.

Table with useful data:

Toy Name Price Recommended Age
COD Ghosts Team Juggernaut Action Figure $19.99 4+
COD Ghosts Tactical Camera $49.99 7+
COD Ghosts Ear Force Phantom Headset $149.99 12+

Information from an expert: As an expert in the world of toys and collectibles, I can confidently say that Call of Duty Ghost toys are highly sought after by fans of the popular video game franchise. These action figures bring to life some of the iconic characters from the game, including Captain Price and Soap MacTavish. With intricate details and high-quality craftsmanship, these toys make for excellent additions to any collector‘s shelf or as playful display pieces. Their popularity has only continued to grow over time, making them a must-have item for any die-hard Call of Duty fan!

Historical fact: In 2013, Activision released a line of Call of Duty Ghosts action figures featuring characters from the popular first-person shooter video game.

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